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There and back again

You know, if "there" = a fifteen hour-by-bus long journey across the state line to the country next door (or beneath us, on the map). It wasn't like I went that far, but =p It was one of the few trips I've ever taken so far without my family coming along, and it WAS the first time I've gone so far without it being school-related.

And Readercon was SO much fun, I really can't wait to go again next year (hopefully it'll work out as almost-neatly as it did this year). I learned so much about writing, and about books and themes and trends in fantasy and science fiction today. I also learned that violence is not only sexier than sex in books, but socially more acceptable, too; that it's a lot harder to make a story out of mismashed sentences and quotes than I thought it would be, and that the McDonalds in South Station, Boston makes horrible burgers, but the cake shop makes up for that a hundred times over. I've never wanted to go back to a place more in my entire life (well, except that time I went to London, but it's kind of a tie now). Of course, it'll probably be a while until I do, so I'm going to make do with finishing His Dark Materials and concentrating on the fic I totally have to finish for the hd_inspired fest. And, erm, working on the essay and final exam for class should probably be squeezed into there somewhere.

*facepalm* And I'm ...still sick, gah, I will make it my business to make a post one of these days when I'm completely fine.  

Anne of Green Gables all grown up

I think I need a new theme

...Or, you know, maybe just another reason to update, a reason that DOESN'T always include me being sick *sigh* 

But I'm still super-excited, because I'm going to Readercon tomorrow night, and nothing, absolutely nothing is going to stop me from enjoying that. Books, and discussion, for four days straight. My friend is going to hate me, but I will have reached nirvana, so it's completely okay. 

In other news, I really just have to get started on the fic I'm writing for hd_inspired's fest -- I have one of the best prompts, I can't wait to write, the problem is always just getting started. 

Anne of Green Gables all grown up

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Not feeling well today, I think that's the main reason I'm actually updating.

That, and I also need to babble. Which helps me feel better anyway, so it comes back to the same thing, I guess.

I've been reading "The Golden Compass" for most of the day, though I stopped at part 2 because people in my res were starting to think I'd vanished from the face of the earth. It's really a page-turner though, and I admire the ability to grip one's readers so that they literally cannot put the book down until it becomes a life/death situation. I'm not too sure about what I think of Lyra yet, though -- there are times when I know I'm supposed to be seeing her as a charming kid, and there are times when I actually <i>am</i> seeing her as a charming kid, but I'm not quite connecting with her yet. I'll wait to finish the book before I say more, I guess.

Needless to say, I haven't yet seen the movie. With the exception of the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, I'm not that big on movies that have been made from fantasy books ... it's like a switch in my brain that I absolutely cannot shut off when I watch them: "OMG, that's different from the book, how dare they, I can't watch this anymore!" Btw, that switch was on during all of the movies listed above that were the so-called exceptions -- I just, for the most part, was able to ignore it during said movies.

Yeah, I'm feeling a bit better now. A bit, which is totally good. :)
Anne of Green Gables all grown up

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...that the end of the Harry Potter series made me want to write HP fic for the first time in almost three years. Huh, I always figured it'd be the opposite, but DH was simply an amazing book. It had its flaws, but I think I've found a new favourite. 

And, um. Because it's been so long anyway,   
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 I couldn't help myself. But it's not beta-read or anything, so it's not great work -- I just wanted Malfoy to get 
that wand back so badly.



Anne of Green Gables all grown up

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Heh yeah, I've been back for about a week or so.

And I could gush and gush about how brilliant Britain is, but my family and friends here are about to shoot me in the head as it is, so I'm not taking further risks.

Except to say that London is my new favourite city in the whole wide world. And that it was very amusing to live in the same city they were shooting the fourth HP movie for a month

One of the girls on our trip saw Daniel Radcliffe in costume one day. Apparently, he was all covered in blood, which means they were filming the First Task or the more sadistic portion of the Third Task. And I am SO not a crazy stalker fangirl. =p)

(No, seriously. For some reason, I haven't been able to convince ANYONE of that lately.)

I got to see "Phantom of the Opera" in London, which probably doesn't sound like such a big deal, and is definitely something I could do in any other big city; but I did find it a big deal 'cause the only other play I've ever been to is The Lion King (in sixth grade).

It was excellent; so I bought the book. And I know it's supposed to be a classic and everything; I've read rave reviews on how the author made Erik such a compelling and brilliant character, but I thought a lot of elements about him (and in fact, the whole story), kind of stale and cliched, even for that time period. But I'm just about the most uneducated person to talk about this subject. So has anyone else ever had that problem when reading classics? That you've read so much modern fiction (or even fanfiction ^^*) before, that the elements of the classics that should be so special actually feel so overdone? And it's weird because presumably, these classics are the first sources of such cliches in the first place. I mean, for all the things that niggled me about it, I adored the love story of Phantom. Even though I wanted to bash Christine Daae over the head with a rock repeatedly. Somehow, I didn't mind her character half so much on stage as I did in writing.

I've been really lazy on taking part in HP discussions lately, I'm so disappointed in myself. But I have so been paying attention. I've been curious of something lately. There are a lot of different opinions that people have on characters all over the fandom (the Weasley-fans, Harry-fans, Draco-fans, Snape-fans, Voldy-fans, etc. etc.), and a lot of people who are able to articulate the viewpoints of those particular sects really well. Um, does anyone know if there's a place that people with different (or even opposing) viewpoints can go to get a sense of the other opinions? And I don't mean a place like FAP (where things tend to dissolve into flamewars almost constantly), but sort of like a place where there can be in-depth discussion and debate over the different viewpoints and opinions on canon, characterizations, authorial intents, and so on.

It seems a bit unfair that there are page-long threads (heck, even whole sites) dedicated to lengthy, rational, opinionated and dissected discussion....on which HP character is going to end up sleeping with whom. Yet (from what I've seen) there is no such place in fandom for Snape-fans to see where Marauder-fans come from, and vice versa; and for people who read the books with authorial intent in mind to discuss said books with people who read them with an oppositional view to the one JKR may have in mind.

I mean, LJ is great and all, but I've noticed that I kind of have to jump from site to site to get a feel of some of the different opinions in fanon. It's all sort of "clique-ish", in a way. So is there any place where they all come together?
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House Unity

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Have been reading my f-list almost-successfully for the first time this week, and SO many interesting essays have been written! Ack, I feel so out of the loop -- and badly wish that I could pimp them. But the place I'm staying at has this security system on their internet that restricts material of even PG level.

I love this fandom, but I've discovered anew that it's hardly the purest, most squick-free place on earth. =p Honestly, I've only just noticed.

So if I've dropped out of existence and haven't replied to either any comments, or any posts or any essays, or even the RPG, that's why; I can't GET to anything. The students who regularly stay at this residence must feel like prisoners 24/7.

On the upside, England is amazing. I think I've been everywhere. Almost everywhere. At least, mostly over southern England. London is my new favourite city in the world. But I just got back from Stratford-upon-Avon, and London's got a very strong contender.

I have also been stained against the clubbing experience forever! The first time I'd ever tried it, too; it was rather unpleasant, and very icky, and (gah, hate to admit it) a very gross first kiss, too. With a guy I'd known for maybe half-an-hour (I didn't even know his name! *pulls hair out*). It was altogether more than a little disturbing, to say the least.
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Greatest news in the world; the place I'm staying at in England has internet access! Limited access, admittedly, but still! *tacklehugs her entire f-list* It's something; never thought I'd say this, but I AM a little homesick, even after getting smashed in a pub (one of my firsts! Hee!)

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*climbs out of black hole she fell into a month and a half ago*

To the HP fandom in general: Collapse )

To the Guns n' Handcuffs shipmates of my f-list: Collapse )

To youko_slytherin: Collapse )

To slumber, because I haven't forgotten and I promised =D: Collapse )

To everyone in total: Yeah, I'm going to be in England for the next month, so I don't know how much I'll be able to update or anything...but I WILL try to keep up with fanon (I have to! There's at least one soap-drama that happens a week in this fanon, I'll be totally lost if I don't know what's going on for a month). So expect another slight disappearing act. And adela711's updated Rage of the Tender! Read! *runs off to do so herself*
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House Unity

Damn, I almost had an interesting update, too...

Ack, I was actually going to post some theory I've been thinking about for a loooonngg time now, dealing with the effect of fanon on our love of HP canon characters and characterization.

But, as is more natural to me than breathing...I got sidetracked ^^*

So, I just gotta say that exams are coming up in a week and a half, and therefore my LJ is kind of going to have to be thrown out the window along with my social life for a little while...and yeah, if I disappear yet AGAIN, that's the reason. Unfortunately, this also means that my H/D fic, Timeline is going to be on hold until ... well, definitely for a while until after exams.

*throws pointy things* I triple dare anyone to tell me that school does not ruin lives ;p

On the upper hand, though... *squeals and cheers and runs around in circles* I got into the top university in the country!! Um, which makes me a terrible hypocrite right about now, but nyah =p

*hugs her entire f-list*

ETA: I'm sorry, I can't help it: HE'S A BOY!! (I KNEW it all along -- but I can't believe JKR finally answered the question)
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